Savor Tea

Savor Tea
Tea has been known properties since hundreds of years ago. It turned out that each type of tea has different properties. The following are the 9 best types of tea and a good time to drink it. Let's see the full info here!
This drink is not only good as a friend when the afternoon, but it also has properties that are good for the body. It has been believed since hundreds of years ago. So many kinds of tea itself. And each type has different properties to the body and health.
As well as oolong tea contains antioxidants that are good for the body's defenses said the researchers from China. Based on studies in Japan in 2009 and then, kind of green tea is believed to maintain healthy gums. While black tea could ward off Parkinson's disease, it is based on studies conducted in 2008 in The American Journal of Epidemiology.
Christopher Day is a tea expert at Manhattan's Gilt try to provide information about the timing and type of tea is good when consumed.
Country of origin of cherry green tea is best drunk during the day. Tea is also given a mixture of grains of rice are baked so that produce scents like burnt rice is tasty and delicious when brewed. Hmm... Almost similar to the smell of popcorn while the color of pale green tea tends to clear.
Sur le Nil
Most fit to drink after dinner to relax your body and mind. Matter of taste, Sur le Nil is much softer when compared to other types of green tea. If you drink chamomile tea is similar to that given a little lemon juice and spices.
High Mountain Oolong
Oolong tea is perfect to drink after a day of work. Effects of oolong tea are feeling relaxed and calm after a day of struggling with the routine of office. Oolong tea is made from tea leaves are thick, thus providing a strong floral aroma and balance the mood before dinner.
Wood Dragon Oolong
For the type of Wood Dragon oolong tea is best taken for those who have stopped drinking coffee. Because this tea contains more stem than leaf tea makes it so much and felt very strong smell of the forest. Wood Dragon Oolong tea contains less caffeine but has a strong flavor than other oolong teas.
Honey Phoenix Oolong
Type of oolong tea is most fitting when taken in late winter. This is one kind of tea is quite strong, with a flavor that is almost similar to the Cherry seeds. This is why it's slightly sweet with a slightly bitter end. Color when brewed tea into a little dark brown.
Vanilla Rooibos
This team can be used as menu covers. Besides the taste is mild and does not contain caffeine, you will feel a mild sweet flavor and creamy in the final few gulps. No wonder if this tea is perfect as a cover or a dessert menu.
This black tea has a flavor that is strong enough, have a smell like black currants with a slightly sweet flavor. It is suitable to drink after a break in the afternoon or early morning cold enough to make the body refreshed.
Pu-erh Touché
Suitable for you who like to drink coffee. It was a powerful and simple yet contain enough caffeine kick! This black tea leaves in pressed into a small circle that will expand when brewed with hot water. Concentrated tea water tends to blackish brown.
Green tea is quite mild with a sweet flavor and soft, without the slightest bitter taste strong like other green teas. Usually become friends while eating sushi or as menubagai menu covers. Green tea is suitable for you who are just learning to drink green tea.