Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are now starting much in demand, especially for women. Kegel exercises are exercises serve to train the muscles of the hips, so it is very beneficial for women, especially for new mothers. Kegel exercises themselves are created by Dr. Arnold Kegel an obstetrician in 1948 which was originally created Kegel exercises to help women who have problems controlling urination / urinary.

benefits of Kegel exercises
Apparently a lot of the benefits obtained from Kegel exercises are not just for women, exercise is also very beneficial for men. Here are the benefits of Kegel exercises.

     Kegel exercises to train the muscles around the hip or PC muscle (pubococcygeal musle) and the vagina for women.
     Kegel helpful for those who have problems can not control the discharge of urine / urination or urinary incontinence.
     For pregnant women, exercise is beneficial to tighten the muscles of the hips are sagging after childbirth and make hip muscles become strong to prevent leakage of urine at the time of delivery.
     Assisting at the birth, which facilitates childbirth without much tearing of the birth canal
     Making muscles in the vagina to become more powerful and as a way to tighten the vagina
     Prevent a woman's uterus, women after childbirth and postmenopausal women are very susceptible to falling womb of his position.
     Kegel exercises for men useful to improve the ability to control and overcome premature ejaculation and can make a much longer erection.
     Kegel exercises can help overcome prostate problems in men.
     Kegel exercises can improve sexual function response and both men and women
     Benefits of Kegel exercises are the most requested can improve the quality of the husband-wife relationship and the more harmonious.


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