The Impact of Global Warming for Gender Men.

Impact of climate change on health can be seen from the increasingly widespread distribution of germs cause infectious diseases. For men, the impact will be felt on an average sized penis that grew smaller.
In a thick 15-page scientific report, an independent climate analyst reports that over time the average size of the male penis shrink. According to the plan, the report will be published in the December 2011 issue of the journal Nature.
Sean Johnson, an independent climate analyst who compiled the report, said the size of the penis is almost always inversely related phenomena associated with global warming. Increasingly frequent storms, rising sea levels and melting polar ice caps, the size of a small appliance even more viral.
Reportedly, a research report that has not been leaked to the more detailed data will be loaded without any review from other experts are more competent. The reason, the conclusion is believed to have been perfectly capable of uniting people especially young men to be more concerned with the environment.
"The notion that penis size is shrinking due to global warming, which in fact triggered by human behavior itself, will unite scientists, environmentalists and even politicians into one common goal," said the editor of the journal Nature, Philip Campbell, as quoted from The Poke, Thursday (10/11/2011).
Since the new will be published next month, the truth of this information is still in doubt. Moreover, the media who preach it, The Poke famous soft information is more powerful than the accuracy of the facts comedic elements.
Especially during this time, some scientists did like asking joke-joke that links between global warming phenomena with male genitalia. One was never aired in the BBC Comedy, commented seriously by a member of the British parliament.
In those impressions mentioned, rising sea levels due to global warming will change the map of the world and continental Europe will leave only a small island shaped penis. A member of the British parliament, Jonathan Bethwell even take it seriously.