Nokia XL , First Android Phone from Nokia

Nokia is one of the largest and most successful mobile phone manufacturers in the world . One of the newest products is the Nokia X , which no longer uses the Windows 8 OS as previous Lumia products . In fact , the OS on the new product is the result of the OS made ​​by Nokia itself . Along with the launch of Nokia 's latest product , Nokia also launched one of the newest gadget or even products can be said to be the most unique , namely the Nokia XL .
Nokia OS XL
The most interesting of these is Nokia products XL Operating System ( OS ) uses. Nokia uses the basic OS with Android Jelly Bean OS platform . Indeed , Android Jelly Bean OS is the OS with the type of Open Source , so it can be freely modified by any party . Nokia too. They modify the OS , so it looks like the Windows Phone OS is already familiar to the users of Nokia . Unfortunately , Nokia does not work with Google for the development of this OS . Therefore , you probably will not see the typical Google apps like that can be found in the Nokia series before, like Playstore , Gmail or Google Hangouts . However , you still can install these applications on the HP . With the use of this OS , it can be said , this product is HP 's first Android Nokia .
Nokia Design XL
Nokia does not change the characteristic of their smartphone product design that is simple . This design also appears on the Nokia XL . If you see , the design of this product reminds you of the Nokia Lumia design , particularly the series Lumia 520 . The designs are not rounded , more boxy and without accent on the front or rear . In fact , Nokia simplifies the design for this new product by simply giving one main button on the bottom side to access the menu .
Performance and Specifications Nokia XL
Nokia XL is equipped with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual cores . Moreover , this gadget is quite large RAM , which is 768 MB . These two components are capable of delivering a performance that is smooth when used for multitasking activities , both for communication and Internet browsing . Available data storage capacity of 4 GB with microSD slot up to 32 GB . This gadget also features Dual SIM cards and both used to be manifold Micro - SIM , just like the Lumia product . The camera is attached has enough specs , which is 5 MP main camera and 2 MP front camera . The internet connection can be used , namely 3G , Wi - Fi and 2G ( EDGE and GPRS ) . Battery life to be one problem for the Lumia product appears to have been repaired by Nokia . It can be seen from this product standby time can reach 720 hours , 16 hours when used to surf the 2G mode and 13 hours for 3G mode , and 37 hours for playing music .