On Android 4.2 , Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean improve the speed and simplicity of Android 4.1 and includes all the new features - Photo Sphere and completely redesigned camera app , new Gesture Keyboard Typing , Google Now with all the new cards , and more .
Everything in Jelly Bean feels fast , fluid , and smooth . Moving between home screens and switching between applications is simple , like flipping the pages of a book .
Jelly Bean improve the performance of the entire system , including the orientation changes more quickly , more quickly switch between recent apps , and smoother and more consistent rendering across the system through vsync and buffering three .
Jelly Bean has a touch response that is more reactive and uniform , and makes Android devices more responsive by increasing the CPU of your device instantly when you touch the screen , and turn it down when you do not need to increase battery life .
The new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Three new taps to enter full-screen magnification when you activate ' movement Enlargement ' .
New Enable ' TalkBack ' , a screenreader for Android , electricity directly from the menu .
With Jelly Bean , blind or low vision users can use ' Gesture Mode ' to reliably navigate the UI using touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output .
With the focus of new accessibility features , you can move the cursor between the control to maintain the target for subsequent actions or resources for navigating the next event . You can double-tap anywhere to launch the current item with focus accessibility .
Text traversal in accessibility now gives you more control - choosing to move between pages , paragraphs , lines, words or characters .
TalkBack now support movements to trigger action , to navigate applications , and traverse text .
Android now offers full support for service accessibility braille ( download BrailleBack on Google Play ) .
Android Beam
With Android Beam , introduced in Android 4.1 , you can easily share photos and videos via NFC .
Pair directly to your Android phone or tablet device such as a Bluetooth ® headset or speakers that support the Simple Secure Pairing standard by just pressing them together .
Audio Accessories
Support for USB audio dock .
Browser and WebView
Browser has improved performance , CPU and memory efficiency . With better performance for animations and HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript updated engine ( V8 ) , pages load faster and feel smoother .
The browser now has better support HTML5 video , and has a new user experience . Just touch the video to play and pause , and smoothly transition into and out of fullscreen mode .
Updated browser now supports HTML5 Media Capture specification on the input element .
WebView now supports vertical text , including Ruby Text and other vertical text glyphs .
Camera and Gallery
New Android 4.2 camera app features a completely redesigned with new tools to take photos .
New High Dynamic Range , or HDR mode ( on supported devices ) lets you see more detail in your image by expanding the range of exposures .
New A new photo editor features new filters , borders , and other tools to easily customize your photo .
New Photos With Sphere you can take a picture and immersive 360 ยบ wide angle shots that you can see and share in , the tablet phone or desktop computer .
New access the camera directly from the lock screen of your phone .
To quickly review the photos you have taken without leaving the camera app , you can swipe from the camera viewfinder . To start taking pictures again , just swipe back to the camera viewfinder .
When viewing photos in Gallery , pinch to zoom to fit ' filmstrip mode ' to quickly review a lot of pictures . In filmstrip mode you can slide up or down to remove the photos. You can undelete the tap .
When you press to focus on objects no new animations to show the state of focus .
New Hours have completely redesigned with a new look that includes all digital and analog clock styles .
You can use the new new stopwatch to keep track of time , counting laps and splits , and share your time .
New you can use the new timer to keep track of a predetermined period of time , run timers at once , and even label your timer .
The new world clock lets you check the time in different cities right from the Clock application or your lock screen .
New new clock widgets let you choose from analog or digital clock widget . You can also resize the widget digital clock to show the time in other cities around the world .
Data Usage
Now you can ignore the warning without changing the data usage threshold alert data .
To disable background data usage when you use a mobile hotspot device specific , you can specify the SSID as a phone .
Android now automatically detects when one Jelly Bean software tethered to other Wi - Fi hotspots , and intelligent enable or disable background data usage on an SSID .
face Unlock
Face Unlock is now even faster and more accurate , with a smooth startup and animation .
You can improve the accuracy of matching faces with calibration in different conditions and with different accessories ( eg, hats , sunglasses ) .
Face Unlock now can optionally require flashing to verify that the life is opening the device rather than photos.
The foundation of a new level of support for new wireless display settings implemented on the Nexus 4 , including the ability to find and connect to Miracast ™ compatible devices via Wi - Fi Direct .
New full HDMI mirroring and multi -display notification support .
New Android 4.2 brings improved font position , glyph cache performance , and more accurate placement of accents in Indic , Hebrew , Arabic , Thai and Latin letters kerning .
New fonts have been added , including Roboto Thin and Gothic Nanum to improve the quality of Korean letters .
Jelly Bean adds support for bidirectional text and input language to make the platform more accessible to more people around the world .
There is improved support for Arabic and Hebrew , including new Arabic fonts , on the platform .
Now you can enter text in 18 languages ​​including Persian new input , Hindi , and Thai . Additional Indic languages ​​Kannada , Telugu , Malayalam and now supported by the platform .
Emoji Unicode 6.0 is now supported .
If the system language is set to Japanese , Japanese special version of the glyph is now properly granted .
New Android 4.2 Keyboard introduces all new Gesture which lets you slide over letters to type words while dynamically predict what you want to type .
New French , English and Russian dictionaries even more accurate and relevant , while the new dictionary has been added in Lithuania Denmark , Greece , Finland , Latvia , Poland , Slovenia , Serbia , Sweden and Turkey .
Jelly Bean language model adapted from time to time and the keyboard feature bigram prediction and correction .
Now you can change the language quickly with special language selector button on the keyboard .
You can use custom keyboard input styles for more than 20 languages ​​, with the keymap for QWERTY , QWERTZ , AZERTY , Dvorak , Colemak , and stylish PC .
You can choose the style you want to use the input for each keyboard , and use the hotkey to switch between them while typing .
Lock Screen
New Android 4.2 lets you put widgets on the lock screen of your device to give you quick access to your calendar , Gmail , SMS messages , and even third -party widgets app .
New fast launch Google Now by swiping up from the bottom edge of your lock screen safe .
New Easily access the camera directly from the lock screen of your phone .
Messaging and Talk
New support for group messages via MMS .
The new notification displays the full text of incoming SMS messages and receive MMS when you can see the full picture in the notice .
When entering the recipient of the SMS or MMS new UI as the recipient collects the chip , making it easier to write a message .
Talk features a new notification style .
Now you can take action on notifications right from the notification shade .
Notification of the same application are grouped together , and the first item is automatically expanded . You can also pinch notifications to expand or collapse them .
You now get a preview image in the notification after taking screenshot . You can quickly share screenshots directly from the notification .
At 7 " tablet you can lock the screen rotation automatic notification of shade .
For Wi- Fi only device , to quickly see the SSID of the access point you are connected to the notice of the shade .
Now you can touch - hold notice to identify the application that created it and turn off the notification of the application if needed , or uninstall applications .
New Wi - Fi Direct support has been improved , so that your device can now considering other devices .
Quick new captive portal detection in Wi - Fi , cellular connections , and pay-as - you-go SIM .
Wi - Fi protected setup now backed by pressing the WPS button and PIN support .
The new setting lets you keep in mobile data and avoiding the nearby Wi - Fi network with a poor connection .
News and Weather
News and weather has been enhanced to provide more frequent news updates while reducing power consumption .
People with the app more buttery smooth animations and enhanced search performance .
The People app is now taking high resolution photos automatically to Google contacts with public Google+ profiles and displays high- res photo ( 720x720 ) on a particular device .
High res photo sets will be supported on the Google account and synced across devices .
People app has a new 7 " tablet layout .
Now you can quickly add your favorite contacts to the home screen , directly from the contact details page .
The People app helps you organize your contacts and reduce duplicate the auto - join Improved algorithm .
Now you can delete the frequently contacted list of favorite tabs of the People app .
Use the new phone app in landscape orientation or while in the car dock .
New With the new filtering options you can quickly organize and review your call log .
New Improved support TalkBack with dialpad press .
When you miss a call , a new notification lets you return a call or reply via SMS .
Visual voicemail entry will be displayed in a new notification that lets you play messages with a single touch .
During the new call notification lets you hang up the phone with one touch .
As part of Project Butter , the dial pad is more responsive . Roll call records is more subtle , and swiping between tabs within Phone fast and fluid .
You can clear the list of your favorites frequently contacted the Phone tab .
Now you can add the phone number from the call log to existing read-only contacts .
The new access settings by pressing the Quick Settings icon in the shade of notification , or swipe down from the top right on the tablet or on a mobile phone with two fingers to access settings .
Account settings are now displayed in the main viewing so you can easily view all your accounts to sign in to your device .
Now you can easily access all the Google Privacy Settings in one place to select your Google account from Settings .
New 10 - inch new tablet UI that allows you to quickly access your favorite apps from any homescreen and provide better access to your notifications .
New new multi - user support for tablets allow different users to have their own separate , customizable space on the device .
The new tablet can now support up to eight users . Three users can be active at a time , and they can all sync data such as an email at the same time and even use the application again if other users have them installed .
New ' Daydream ' A new display mode allows the application to display interactive screensaver - like a photo album or a flow of current when the tablet or the phone is not in use .
New app licensing is now clearer and more intuitive .
New Android 4.2 introduces a new application verification service ( for devices that have installed Google Play ) that provides enhanced security along with the always -on VPN .
New Now you will receive a warning before an application attempts to send SMS messages that may cost you money .
Encryption software is now more reliable , and periodically remind you to decrypt your device . SMS messages and calls are now declining while awaiting decryption .
You can long press the option ' Power Off ' in the menu you electricity to boot into safe mode devices .
Button 'Reset app preferences ' A new allows you to quickly set the default application for certain activities , background data restrictions , oppression notifications , and much more .
A dialog redesigned with larger icons lets you intuitively select the application of your choice for a particular activity .
Google Apps Device Policy on the device you can now override the ' stay awake screen ' option of setting the developer .
Text - to-speech
Jelly Bean introduces a new conversational text-to -speech voices in U.S. English , which is available both as a network machine and engine through the API embedded TTS .
Typing sound
A new embedded speech recognizer lets you use voice typing even when you do not have an internet connection .
Jelly Bean makes it easy to personalize the home screen . As you place widgets on the screen , everything else automatically moves to make room .
When they are too big , resize the widget itself . If you choose to resize widgets , applications and widgets will now also move out of the way .
Now you can quickly remove an application or widget from the home screen by picking them up and throwing them to the edge of the screen .
Launch the application and go back home now faster and smoother .
The new Google experience on Android
Google Search
The new Voice Search that lets you start the application , add the meeting to your calendar or even to know when your next meeting .
With Jelly Bean , a redesigned experience using the power of Knowledge Graph to show search results in a richer way . It's easier to quickly get the right answer to a search query and explore and browse search results .
Get into Google Search faster : Google Search can be opened directly from the lock screen by swiping up . For devices with software navigation buttons , you can now swipe up from the bar system for fast access to Google Search with Google Now . For devices with the hardware search key , you can press to start a Google Search .
If you are using a wired headset , press the headset button to activate the old Voice Search . You can quickly perform search requests by voice and have the results read back to you .
You can say " Google " to activate Voice Search from within Google Search .
To search queries made ​​through Voice Search , you can now hear the oral reply .
Search Voice recognition is now significantly faster , so you can search for fast on the fly .
Voice Search is now able to recognize the request even when you have a bad network connection .
Google Now
Google Now you just bring the right information at the right time , helping you manage your day , stay connected and become a local anywhere . And the best part ? All of this happens automatically . Cards appear throughout the day when you need it . Learn more.
New Hotel cards : Get one-touch navigation to your hotel when you arrive in a new town .
New restaurant reservation card : Be reminded to leave for the restaurant based on live traffic information .
New Card Event : Get a reminder about your event to purchase tickets .
New Package Card : See when you ship online orders .
Next new card promises : When you have an appointment , I now check the traffic so that you can know how long it will take to get there . You even get a notification when you have to go .
New Movies card : See showtimes and ratings for what to play when you are near the theater . Also be notified when you are interested in arriving at the movie theaters .
New Concert Card : See when your favorite artist has a concert at nearby places .
New Equity card : Get real-time information about your stock track .
New Public alert card : Receive emergency messages such as storm warnings and earthquake alerts .
Developing new stories & breaking the card news : See news and other developing stories that match your interests .
New attractions Card : See what places are popular tourist attractions to visit .
What's new photo card spot : Learning from the popular photo spots nearby.
Time at home new card : When you are in a different time zone , Google now shows the time at home so you never feel too far away .
Flight Card : Get real-time flight status and traffic information to the airport .
Weather Card : When you start your day , Google now shows the weather for your current location and occupation .
Traffic Card : Get traffic conditions and alternative routes before you leave home or work .
Sports Cards : You can view live scores and upcoming games and also buy tickets for the match quickly .
Transit card : When you are near a bus stop or subway station , this card shows what the next bus or train .
Place cards : When you 're on the go, I would suggest now nearby bars , restaurants and places of interest .
Currency Card : When you 're traveling , quickly check the local conversion rate .
Card Translation : When you are abroad , you can quickly translate the words into the local language .
Google Apps
The new calendar can now be displayed as a widget on the lock screen phones and tablets .
New Calendar now automatically complete when entering the event title .
New Google Feedback New integration allows you to provide feedback and improve Google Calendar .
Calendar more butter . Content fades in , animations are sprinkled throughout , and swiping / paging between days is more subtle .
Calendar events will now display color if you have assigned your event colors .
The ' Today ' button on the action bar now shows the current day .
When viewing the details of the event that you can now email all guests with a single tap .
Notices for upcoming events now show more than the description of the event to let you quickly see relevant details without having to open the application .
Notices for upcoming events now lets you email all the guests without opening the application , and you can choose a fast response like " Be there in 10 minutes " or type in itself .
A new option in the Calendar settings let you make quick response to its own standards for guest email .
Now you can snooze an event reminder that will come directly from the notification .
Calendar has a new 7 " tablet layout .
When viewing Calendar in portrait orientation on a tablet , you can hide or expand the control to provide complete control over how you look at your calendar space .
Calendar will now remember whether you have chosen to hide or expand the control so that you have a consistent experience every time you see the calendar open .
New Gmail now auto - appropriate messages to your screen and lets you pinch-to - zoom, so email is easier than ever to read .
New Now you can swipe to archive or delete emails while viewing your Gmail inbox .
When writing a new message , you can attach a video directly from Gmail .
When you receive a new email with a photo attached , Gmail gives a preview larger photos and view the gallery so you can enjoy more photos quickly and easily .
Gmail has a view that is optimized for the 7 " tablet in portrait orientation to provide email reading experience better .
Gmail and Email features updated notification will provide a preview and a digest of your inbox . Notification will also now display the full text of the new letter .
New Upload Photo Spheres to Google Maps directly from your mobile phone , so that others can experience it on their desktop .
With support for offline maps , you can choose an area to the cache and then access them even when you do not have a data connection .
Compass Mode to see indoor and street view more accurate and responsive with gyroscope support .
With Zagat ratings and reviews built to Maps , you can quickly get the information you need about the places you are looking for .
Now you can browse Offers Google Maps to find the local deals .
Get walking directions in Maps indoors .
New Spheres You can share photos with circles or the public , and anyone else you can share with them in the Google+ experience on their desktop .
Spheres New photos are now also kept Instant uploads .
When you swipe through the rivers , big thick photo now falling into place with the animation gives you a more interactive browsing experience .
Google tablet magazine features a new layout in the river .
Now you can create and manage event Google+ directly from your device . Posts and photos are saved to the event so you can relive every moment .
Party Mode lets you instantly upload and share photos during the event so that you capture all the right moments in a single place .
The new notification letting you +1 , comments , or redistribute without opening the Google+ app .
Now you can see a live video stream of all participants in the Hangout .
A new navigation menu allows you to easily navigate through applications and quickly see Google+ notifications .
When viewing a post you can now swipe to expand and see the comments .
YouTube interface , new users are more intuitive , including the guide provides quick access to your subscribed channels .
YouTube videos can now preload of subscription channels for smooth playback even on a slow network .
With the new integrated menu , you can easily watch YouTube on the big screen with the Nexus Q TV or YouTube .
With improved performance throughout the application and update the user interface , you can browse articles quickly and intuitively .
An improved layout engine to the article lets you enjoy the dramatic , large images on various articles .
Flow now use hardware acceleration to make a smooth move between articles .
Flow has a new 7 " tablet layout .
To issue written in another language you can now translate text into your preferred language .
New Chrome is the default browser on the Nexus 4 , Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 .
As part of Project Butter , Chrome is optimized for fluid and responsive interaction with web content .
To launch a new product tour guides you through the features of Chrome .
Quickly change the tabs by dragging your thumb from the edge of the screen .
Chrome has a new look and feel for the ' Other devices ' .
Chrome has simplified the application - level settings that are more consistent with the rest of the platform .
Google Play
A new set of widgets using a variety of signals recommendations - content that people with similar tastes have bought , things are popular where you live , the content on your Google+ circle to be +1' ed , and more - to recommend new content such as applications , games , music , and movies .
A new widget my library , which displays all your latest movies , books , music , and magazines and dynamically change based on what you have been involved with recently .
Smart app updates to make sure that only those parts of the application that have changed will be downloaded when you next update , save time , bandwidth , and battery .
Encryption app to a paid app .
Google Play Books
Embedded audio and video tracks can now be easily streamed directly in the book you are reading .
Now you can add a bookmark to remember important information for later or pick up where you left off reading .
Play Book now offer a fixed layout books , the tablet - optimized for reading books such as children's books and comic books that have been designed specifcially graphics and layouts .
For visually impaired users automatic text-to -speech settings have been activated .
Google Play Movies and TV Shows
You can now buy New Movies and TV Shows and access your library from Google TV .
Movies and TV shows can be downloaded quickly for offline viewing , now with just one tap .
When you make a purchase from the new Google Play items to be synchronized directly to the formation Movies & TV Shows app is ready for you to watch when you open the app .
You can zoom during video playback .
Google Play Music
You can discover new music in the new Google Play by touching ' exploring similar artists ' and swiping between artists to directly listen to a preview of their music .
A new widget Voice Search lets you identify songs you hear and give the option to buy it directly from Google Play .
The Google Play Music widget now lets you thumbs up songs as they play , and have a new design for better readability .
Playlists are automatically created art based on the album art of songs in a playlist .
Now playing at the bar you can swipe between screens .
Latest screen displays album art larger .
You can delete a track in the application .
There is the Now Playing queue tracks .
There is an integrated media menu to listen to the tracks on the Nexus Q , audio devices and Bluetooth headsets .
You can set a song as your ringtone from the Music Play , and a new ringtone editor allows you to crop the ringtone to the appropriate section of the track you want to use .