Welcomed the advent of the Dell Latitude 13

Dell is one of the world's largest laptop produse . Some of the products they make , can be included in the ranks of leading laptops are launched in the market . This week , Dell re- create a new breakthrough with the launch of their latest product . The product named Dell Latitude 13 Education Series . As the name suggests , this laptop is made specifically for the purpose of student learning .
Design Latitude 13

Latitude 13 appearance can not be compared to the kind of high-end laptops on the market today . This laptop has a fairly compact size , with a screen size of 13.3 inches . Indeed , when viewed from the thickness , the laptop is not as thin as the latest laptop products from other brands . However , the main purpose of this Dell laptop to help make students' learning , so this is not too intrusive . Apparently , Dell is also targeting the kids market for this new product . This is evident with the design of the laptop body is equipped with a protective rubber including for part of its LCD screen . In addition , the LCD screen can also be opened up to 180 degrees . Dell reveals , this design is applied in order to make students become more comfortable when using this laptop for learning and prevent neck students do not get tired . In addition , there is a choice of non - touch and touch screens for screen design . This gives a different experience for students to learn. The choice of colors also vary . Dell provides a choice of black , red and blue . For the schools , there are also accessories that called the Dell Mobile Computing Cart which can be used to store 30 laptop is a Dell Latitude 13 .
Performance Latitude 13
Surprisingly, Performance Dell Latitude 13 is quite fast and well . This is evident from the type of processor used Dell for this new product . You can choose processors ranging from Intel ® Celeron - 2957U ( Dual Core , 1.40GHz , 2M cache , 15W ) or 3rd generation processors from Intel , the Intel ® Core i3 - 4005U ( Dual Core 1.70GHz , 3M cache , 15W ) and Intel ® Core i5 - 4200U ( Dual Core 1.60GHz , 3M cache , 15W ) . Large RAM reaches 4 GB is used and the Hard Drive with a capacity of 500 GB . These specifications are fairly standard for the latest laptops , but of sufficient quality for the purpose of learning the students . Graphic card used is the Intel HD 4400 . Not a high quality graphics card , so for the purposes of entertainment , such as gaming or multimedia , this laptop is not very supportive . The price of the laptop is also not too expensive and quite affordable , ranging from Rp . 6 million to Rp . 8 millions . This price includes reasonable because the specification used is also quite good and are differentiated based on the type of specifications and also features a touch screen that belongs to this product . In conclusion , this laptop is suitable for students' learning needs , as well as daily activities .