The price of the iPhone 5S FUN FEATURES 2014

iPhone 5S is a smartphone from your latest Apple iPhone that is iPhone 5C . This phone is the latest mobile phone and became Apple's current flagship smartphone . This smartphone is a smartphone that has been long in waiting for his presence . Many loyal users of Apple products are willing to wait for Apple 's use of the product . Now the iPhone 5S is that we can buy . Previously let's read the first Price iPhone 5s . Still above the price of the iPhone 5S of his brother iphone 5C , which is still above the range of 900
dollars . This smartphone is a product that has been long awaited by many users . However , some people judge that the iPhone this time have applied the costliness price for this one cell phone products . Yet Apple still confident with the pricing . Features of the iPhone 5S has some version corresponds to the version that is issued , in accordance with an internal memory capacity of 16GB , 32GB and 64GB . The purpose of the provision of capacity version of this phone is aimed at the needs of the user . Of course with this distinction user can buy this phone with the budget , but it still bears the name and quality of Apple . iPhone 5S iPhone 5S Specifications iPhone 5S is equipped with the iOS operating system 7 to maximize engine performance using processor Apple 7 , this formulation is believed to further make this phone 's performance as a sophisticated computer sebuat . For matters of internal memory of this phone is made with several variants , namely the 16GB version of the iPhone 5S , 32 GB , and 64 GB . To wear Accelerometer sensor already , gyro , proximity , and compass . From the display of this phone is equipped with a large enough screen that is 640 x 1136 pixels , 4.0 inches ( ~ 326 ppi pixel density ) and the type of display used in this classy phone IPS LED-backlit LCD , capacitive touchscreen , 16M colors have a number of colors . Capacity colors that make the video into a multimedia spectacle that is fun . For a touch of color , this phone is designed into some pretty colors namely Black / Slate , White / Silver , Gold . This feature is the iPhone 5S very proud , especially on this phone is also equipped with an 8MP camera with a capacity size that supports auto-focus shooting , Led Flass , face detection . As for the front camera on this phone is still measuring 1.2 MP and suport video call . Other features of this phone are GPS , Vide Player , MP3 Player and many others .